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Fast Delivery

With the new system of technologies are equipped and ready to provide our customers with fast transits and regular communication

Professional Services

Our experts are highly experience and professional in terms of logistics activities, we offer high professional services to our customers

Live Support

Our support assistance and admin are consistenly online to recieve all your queries, we are here because of you

Low Costing

Our charges are extremely low and quite affordable for all delivery service types we offer

Logistics Solutions

Sustainable business begins with sustainable supply chains.

Ocean Freight

capitalonesecurityservice having its strong alliance with shipping companies and global freight partners enables to offer cost effective sea freight.

Air Freight

capitalonesecurityservice provides national delivery services, with daily arrivals into USA's airport from the world's leading industrial markets.

Road Freight

capitalonesecurityservice land freight services offer a highly flexible and a cost-effective solution to your road transport requirements.


We understand that certain shipments require more than just the standard shipping from A to B, which is why we offer our additional services, each with global reach & local knowledge to compliment your forwarding and wider supply chain needs.

Cargo Insurance

Airkuvutservice Cargo Insurance provides peace of mind and protection to our customers, in return for a premium. During transportation and in case of an incident, it covers the freight value & transportation cost against physical loss or damage from any external cause.

Transportation & Distribution

With a range of multimodal Transport Solutions you can strike the right balance between cost efficiency and improved transit times, all whilst reducing your CO2 emissions.

Integrated Solutions

Airkuvutservice integrated Solutions help you extend efficiency, flexibility, and cost benefits to your entire end-to-end supply chain. By drawing all necessary services together into a complete, optimized package, your supply chain operations are simplified and your business becomes stronger and more efficient.

Warehouse Solutions

We streamline our transport products with warehousing to assist you in meeting your in-transit storage requirements, efficiently and cost effectively.

Security Services

Tailor-made security services and risk analysis for warehousing and transportation. End-To-End Security Risk Assessment

Management Service

Optimize your supply chain and maximize compliance

We Don't Give Presents, Just Exceptional Service

There doesn't have to be a special occasion to receive a nice surprise! Get in contact with our Transport Solutions Experts to find out what bespoke services we can provide you and your business.